Just like Mommy

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After naptime Emma decided she wanted to put on her "bathing soup" and go "run in water."  Kolbe was still napping so I thought it would be a perfect time to go play in the sprinkler!  Emma's buddy Addison gave us a really cool crazy sprinkler that we love to play with. :)   So i went outside and moved the chairs around and got the sprinkler all ready to go.

We put on her swim diaper and bathing suit and then she escaped and came back with a stinky diaper. After changing her a second time, we put on sunscreen and we were finally ready to play outside! Suddenly the idea of running in the sprinkler wasn't a fun idea anymore...she didn't want to get wet... I was standing there thinking "you have go to be kidding me"...

I decided to call Dan and started sweeping the back deck. I look over at Emma and she found her broom and cell phone and was acting just like mommy. Of course my heart melted and together we cleaned and pretended we were Snow White and Cinderella. Just whistle while you work...too bad I don't know how to whistle!

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