Date Night

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Because life has been so crazy recently, Dan and I have been in need of a night out together. So Friday night was date night and we were both looking forward to it all week. While I was getting ready I was reflecting on all of our date nights when we were dating in college. I remembered how I would be in my dorm room and I would spend an hour or more getting ready by showering, drying and curling my hair, picking out a nice outfit and putting on make-up and jewelry. I would listen to fun music and my friends and I would sing and hang out while I waited for Dan to come pick me up.

Whether it was a formal, Irish fest or just going out to dinner and a movie, it was always a fun date night.

Now life is different, but a very wonderful different. On Friday I waited until around 4 p.m. to go shower and I had plans of taking my time to dry and curl my hair and get all "pretty" for my night out with my husband. Well as you can see my plans were a little different. Here I am drying my hair, sitting on the floor with my hand on the outlet, letting Kolbe crawl all over me, and Emma squeezing my arm while trying to dry her hair too. Very different from my college days....

But needless to say, I was still able to get all "pretty" and Dan and I had a wonderful dinner out. We left at 5:30 and were back by 7... we are crazy-fun these days!

Thank you Lord for my beautiful children and for my amazing (and very good-looking, I might add) husband!

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