my diet coke and m&ms

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Today I was putting the kids down for a nap and fell asleep as well. I woke up to the phone ringing, I thought it had been hours, but when looking at the clock it was only 15 minutes. hmm. oh well. I decided to get up, grabbed a diet coke out of the fridge, got a handful of pink, red and white m&ms and decided to go upstairs to the computer and try blogging again. So here I am and I don't really know what to say! I do wish that right now I was in Steubenville with the rest of the fam getting ready for Joseph's arrival. I also wish Dan didn't have to work late tonight. However I am grateful for these few minutes of quiet and for my coke and chocolate. mmmm....
Life around the Johnson household has been busy, but great! Dan and I are going to a Theology of the Body study every monday night together and I love it! it is so fun to get out with my hubby and take a theology class without having to be tested on it. :) Emma goes to the nursery and gets to play with a lot of kids and she comes home so happy too. win win. Last night I tried to leave Kolbe in the nursery for a little while, he didn't last long, he is such a momma's boy. :) When I went to get him, Emma was in the back of the room, dressed as snow white and telling the other kids where to go and what to do. She was apparently in charge of some game they were playing and they were all having a great time! I went back upstairs with kolbe and continued to listen to the session. The priest who is teaching was just ordained last summer and he is 28. ( i think :) ) He is passionate, young and on fire for Jesus! I love listening to him teach because he is obviously so in love with his faith and vocation.
Let's see, what else, I am out of m&ms and contemplating running downstairs for more...but before I do, here are a few pictures from Christmas!

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