My Valentine

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When Valentine's Day rolls around every year, I am reminded of how much I love the color pink...I mean, how much I love chocolate. I also love to remember Valentine's days from years past. My freshman year of college I put my intent in to the Little Flowers and for Valentines day sophomore year, Fr. Dave took me and a few of my girlfriends ourt for ice cream. Fun times! During junior year, I was dating Dan and he surprised me, with the help of my roommate Emily to sneak in my dorm room and decorate with the cheesiest decorations he could find at walmart. I loved it! I am not sure if Emily did though... And then senior yearwe were engaged and he decided to wear a shirt that said "i love lauren" - he wore it all day long. Forget the ring, that pretty much says I am committed! :) Life is a little different now, but so much better!
Last night Dan had Lifeteen and they had a special Valentines day dinner. He asked me to come and he showed parts of our wedding video and he talked about how to remain in the Father's love. It was so weird to watch over 60 teens watch me walk down the aisle and then say our wedding vows. It was beautiful and I am so grateful that we can share our love and marriage with them. I hope and pray that they will remain in the Fathers love and find their vocation through Him. I hope and pray that our family can remain in the Father's love, too.
Happy St. Valentine's Day!

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