Life Lessons


The past few months have flown by and I don't think I really stopped moving until this week when I ended up in the hospital with Kolbe. Since my last post we have been busy with plans for moving, Emma and Kolbe's birthday, Lifeteen and campus ministry, a trip to Steubenville with Emma and Kolbe and 30 high school seniors, teaching Theology of the Body to freshman girls and the world of toddlerhood. I have every intetion of blogging about some of these events, but for now I am going to focus on Kolbe.

On Saturday Kolbe woke up with a runny nose and a low grade fever, we saw a tooth breaking through so we passed it off as teething symptoms. By Monday he was still sick and that night his breathing got heavy, fast and wheezy. As Emma put it, "kolbe is sick, he is not smiling." On Tuesday I took Him to the doctor, hoping to get an antibiotic and go home. By God's grace it happened to be Emma's Baptism day and Sheena wanted to spend the day with her, so I was able to take Kolbe in alone.
Once we got to a room, a nurse came in and checked his oxygen levels and they were low. They did some more tests and then sent us to get a chest ray. That little experience was torture, to watch him in this contraption and he was screaming and I coudnt rescue him from it soon enough.
Thankfully his xray was fine. By 2:00 is Oxygen levels were still low so we were admitted to the hospital. It never ceaaes to amaze me how life is always changing. Of course my mind was racing thinking about what Dan has going on at work, emma is with Sheena, my mom is with my grandmom whos is in town and my dad was in jury duty. I was just trying to make plan a and then plan b and of course plan c. But God had to calm me down and I just felt the desire to let it all go and trust.

Poor Kolbe was a trooper and stayed strong. He needed extra oxygen and would not keep the oxygen cord at his nose. (i dont blame him) so he and I ended up sleeping and hanging out in his bed that was covered with an oxygen tent. By Wednesday afternoon his levels were much better and he was allowed out of the tent.

Now it is Thurday morning , we were able to check out and are now home. We still dont know what it was, the doctors think it was some form of infection that got in his lungs. Having this sudden experience allowed me to think and reflect on a few things. First I am so grateful for having such a healthy family. I am grateful for all of the prayers, love and support that we have from our family and friends. And even if there is a lot going on in our life, it is so important to stop, relax, and spend time together as a family. Life move fast. Thank you Jesus for all of our blessings and crosses!!


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