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And we're back! After much encouragement and inspiration from friends I have finally joined the blogging world again! Since my last post in April, we have moved to a new home and we have found out we are expecting johnson baby number 3, due June 17! Dan is still the campus minister at the high school and the youth minister at our parish. Our days are spent with toddlers and teenagers, so there is never a dull moment! haha

P.S. Confession #1: I quit blogging for a little while because i felt like every time I went to write or add pictures I would have some technical difficulty and then I would get frustrated and then a baby would wake up from a nap and then I was I am trying again. In fact it took me 15 minutes just to add this picture because it kept saying it was a "bad image" and wouldn't upload...why would any picture of my family be considered a bad image?!?! ;)

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