My plan for today:

-wake up early before the kids get up around 7
-read the Scripture for my moms group
-make breakfast and shower
-get kids dressed and leave for mom/ play group at 9
-leave play group at 11 and head home
-eat lunch
-nap/quiet time
-maybe some housework if I get adventurous, go do some Christmas shopping
-Lifeteen Mass at 5:45
-dinner after with youth group
-get home and put kids to bed
-relax on couch and wait for dan to get home
-eat milk and cookies with hubby

What really went down today:

-All four (or 5) of us slept until 8am! Extra blessing- but then had to scramble to get out of the house for play group.
-Had a nice time with friends
-kolbe fell asleep on the way home, made lunch for emma and me
-rest time was over by 12:30 :(
-decided to go buy ribbon and mesh to make a Christmas wreath and maybe some garland
-kids played while I tried out my little project
-Dan calls around 3:30 and asks me to help with dinner for lifeteen
- he gets home and I head to the grocery store to get ingredients for a huge pot of spaghetti
-Cooked the huge pot of spaghetti, meanwhile kids start to fight and fall apart.
-decided to stay home because of the state of the kids and my mind
-stuffed my face with the spaghetti while Kolbe brushed my hair with his spoon
-bathtime and shower time!
-a few cartoons
-put kids to bed
-finish my garland and then blog about today while watching youve got mail on tv.
-still waiting for my cookies and milk- I mean for Dan to get home! :)

there you have it- a typical day in my world! I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with our children. I also love being apart of Dan's ministry and doing what I can to help. But life can be crazy and I have to be honest and say that I am also thankful for my quiet time at night and for movies with tom hanks and meg ryan in them.

Sorry no pictures for this post yet. i will work on that...maybe! Good night!


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