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It has been awhile, it is amazing how quickly the Christmas season goes by and then life just gets crazy again! We had a wonderful Christmas and great family time, I will post a few pictures in another post. Today I want to share a few pictures of our son who is growing in my womb. We are so excited to have another boy and have named him Joshua David.

Isn't he sweet? We decided to take Emma with us to the ultrasound. She was very excited to see the "magic wand" at work and reveal our baby on the screen. She was in awe of seeing this little baby that is growing inside of me. Her eyes were filled with wonder. You could tell that she understood. She knew her brother was growing and moving. She loved seeing the little hands and feet. It made her so excited for the baby to come.
Emma really wanted a baby sister. She would talk to Jesus and tell Him what she desired. We talked with her about how God has the best plan for our family and no matter what we will be so happy! When the nurse told us we were having a boy, Emma's face dropped and she turned and hid in Dan's shoulder. Of course I was just emotional all around and started crying out of joy and from seeing her reaction. But she was strong and didnt cry. She pretty quickly bounced back and was happy about having a brother. When we got home, Kolbe immediately ran to Emma first and hugged her. YOu could see in her face how much she loved Kolbe and now loved her new brother. It didnt matter anymore if he was a boy or girl, all that mattered was that we were a family. So needless to say, we are anxiously awaiting June!

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