A room fit for a princess!


Second post in one day-wow! haha

I have been working on decorating the kids bedrooms. We had a guest room set up and then a kids room. All of the toys were either in the kids bedroom-which Emma claimed as her own room and then the rest were downstairs in our family/playroom. Kolbe received a train set and a few other toys and Emma didnt want them in her girl room, so I decided to go ahead and turn the guest room into a little boy room. It has been great, they each have their own space, but end up playing together all of the time and now the family room isnt always a mess with toys, which makes me happy!

After we found out we were having a boy, I decided to make Emma feel special and surprise her by painting and decorating her room. The walls were just plain white and I have some pictures on the wall, but I decided to make it look extremely girly. I have always loved the idea of being a princess. I mean, even in college my friend Vickie and I would sometimes drive around listening to the disney princess soundtrack. God knew what he was doing when he gave us a girl first. :)

So now that I am basically finished with her room, I wanted to share some pictures!

I painted the room a light purple, because that is her favorite color. I love looking at pottery barn kids and always drool over some of their things and decided to make a canopy to hang over her bed. I bought a simple canopy at target and then decorated with flowers and ribbons. She loved it!

I took a few of the leftover flowers and glued them to a pink lampshade that was already in the room

I took the leftover ribbon and decorated the plain bulletin board that I had and now I think it looks much better! :)

I bought a few picture ledges at Ikea to use for storing books, and I painted two princess pictures to hang on the wall. ( the canvases were 5 for 20 bucks- 4 dollars for a piece of artwork is not bad!!) My mom brought the mirror back from my Grandmom's house and I thought it would be perfect in the room, for when she plays dress up.

I also took two curtains that i had and combined them with purple and pink ribbon- not perfect, but does the job!

I think she loves it!


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