5 Favorites


Joining Moxie Wife for 5 Favorites!

Fresh Flowers

If I could, I would have a vase of beautiful roses in my kitchen all of the time.  When I walk in my kitchen and it is an absolute wreck, but then in the midst of the darkness and clutter, there is a vase of flowers, everything would be alright.... 

 Family Weekend Getaway. Who doesn't love that?! Dan has a meeting on Friday in Panama City Beach and we are going with him! Ocean, sand, pool, and sunscreen, here we come!

A phone call from a dear friend.

I am awful about making phone calls, which I know I need to work on. But I got a call from this girl the other night and it was such a gift. 

Matt Maher's new album. Love it.

Our porch. 

Dan built our patio last year and we recently decided to screen it in. It is awesome! We are now outside all of the time. Definitely a new fav.

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