A Family Adventure


Some things we learned on our weekend getaway with 3 kids, 5 and under. Very intriguing, I know.

1.  Ice cream for lunch? Yes, please.

Last Friday we told the kids we were going to the beach-which was a little mean because we didn't tell them that first we had to drive almost 4 hours, then daddy had his meeting, and after the meeting we would go to the hotel.  We also didn't tell them that it would be pouring down rain. So after we dropped off Dan at the church, I promised them Chickfila complete with playground. But then to my complete shock, the Chickfila in Panama City was Drive-Thru only!!! Total bummer. So off we went to McDonald's (which also did not have playground) so.... hot fudge sundaes were ordered for all.

2. Welcome Bikers! (And minivans...)

After we finished lunch, Dan called and said he would be a few more hours, so we drove to the hotel to check-in. As we were driving closer to the beach, we noticed that we were surrounded by the thundering sound of motorcycles- I came to realize that it is Bike Week in Panama City Beach.  Kolbe was thrilled!  And "Born to be wild" became our weekend theme song.

3.  Indigestion is inevitable.

Obvious one, but eating every meal out was exhausting. During two of the meals Kolbe had potty accidents. And during every meal we felt like we were at a circus. But kids are kids and we made it through. barely. ;)


4. Coffee is necessary. Maybe multiple cups.


I was close to tears when we walked outside Saturday morning and it was still cold and rainy. But a delicious breakfast and warm coffee helped a lot.

5. It is possible to still have fun at the beach when it rains.

Fun times at Gulf World!

6.  Emma's new dream is to be a dolphin trainer.

Now I know that many go through the "I want to swim with dolphins" stage. But trust me, she is different, I mean she is almost part mermaid herself:

7. The sun will come out tomorrow (or in the afternoon).

8. One free drink courtesy of the hotel is always appreciated.

9. We love our universal Church!

On Sunday, we headed north to Eufaula, Al (About a 3 hour drive) for Mass and for the parish's Family Day. We were invited by the pastor and it was so fun to go be a part of their community for the afternoon.

Our kids had so much fun with the other kids. Emma even got to play musical chairs with Buckaroo Bear (who was actually Fr. Shoemaker and he was promoting their vacation bible school! The kids loved him!)

And after a fun afternoon, we made the 4 hour drive home...I think we had to stop only 6 times...

10. So Worth it.

Traveling with kids is definitely not relaxing. But struggling through the indigestion at meals, the whining in the car, and the tears when they fall or are tired, is so worth it for the all of the smiles and memories we created as a family.

Maybe next time we will be even more adventurous and attempt a 4 day vacation...Born to be Wild... :)


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