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Don't worry, because I know you have been...this Johnson Party is alive and well. Last week Dan was in St. Louis for a couple of nights and then in Montgomery.  On the nights he was home we took care of kids with the stomach bug. He was sooo glad he didn't miss out on that. We were also in charge of a ministry event on Saturday and with lots of help, especially from my family, it was great!

The ministry event we planned was a mother and daughter tea that was co-sponsored by Dan's office and a local parish. It was an event for girls 10-12 and the point of the tea was to talk to them and their moms about God's plan for growing up and becoming women and how being a woman is unique and beautiful.  Wonderful ministry...but Mrs. Shy One over here had to give the main talk, because obviously Dan couldn't....and it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Harder than birthing a 10 lb 6 oz baby with zero epidural. And no, I am not exaggerating.  I was so thrilled when it was over and thanks to the Holy Spirit I think it went pretty well.  And because God seems to enjoy pulling us out of our comfort zones, I get to give this talk again on Thursday. So pumped.

Enough about me, the kids are much more interesting:

While at my parents house Emma asked if she could bring this life jacket home so she could wear it to school. I won that conversation...

But lost this one...This is what Emma wore to school yesterday:

Yep, it is her "cast" because she had a "scrape" on her knee....I am dreaming of a white and green uniform...
When I picked her up from school, the "cast" was in her backpack. Her teacher was laughing because once Emma was around her friends she was healed of  her broken scrape. That and she couldn't bend her knee when sitting at her desk.

 Kolbe tried to wear this to bed last night:

He eventually realized that it might not be that comfortable for sleeping.

Joshua has not gotten into wearing safety gear yet, although now that he is close to walking, it might not be a bad idea! His favorite place to be is in his highchair. YUM.

89.6% of the time these three are making messes and definitely keeping us on our toes...and then there are sweet moments like this:

They DO love each other!!  ;)

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