Growing up


Yes, unfortunately (and sometimes fortunately) our kids are growing up.  It is amazing how they manage to change weekly, it's hard to keep up sometimes.... 
So I thought it would be fun to link up with the Mrs. Bean over at Bean in Love and write a little update on my three goobers.


This week we went shopping for Emma's school uniforms that she will wear for KINDERGARTEN next year. Can't believe it. I was nervous to take my rowdy crew to the uniform store being that I chose the most ideal time to go- right after lunch, i.e. nap time. But thankfully the employees were so helpful and gathered everything she would need. Emma did have one meltdown in the dressing room. She DID NOT want to wear the collared puffy-sleeve shirt. JUST the DRESS, MOMMY!  She calmed down when she got to pick out a matching headband...I am not a fan of bribery....not really....

Above: Proudly modeling what she has to wear next year and then an example of what she likes to wear now. She was still wearing the scarf when I picked her up from school. She has her own style and I actually might miss the clothes battles in the mornings next year....

Emma is also very affectionate with Joshua and loves to be a "little mommy."


Emma is also a DAN'S GIRL 100%. And nope, my feelings are never hurt when all of the artwork that comes home from school says it is for him and not me. All of the artwork actually says "To DAN Love EMMA."  I think it is hilarious, Dan, not so much. He said, "I am Daddy, not Dan, I don't want to hang up artwork that says 'to Dan love Emma'...I am her daddy!" So yesterday we had lessons on how to write "Daddy."

Best Friends


Now Kolbe...Kolbe, Kolbe, Kolbe...he is just like his daddy...a smooth talker and oh that is so hard to get mad at him. Even Dan has a hard time keeping a straight face when disciplining this kid. 

We are currently in the trenches of potty training. We are "late" in doing this according to the rest of the world, but I am ok with that. He is now ready and he is so proud of himself when he goes by himself. So there you go.

He is on the chocolate and sour cream diet. Haven't heard of it? Me either.

He loves to play ball and roll around in the dirt. He is also getting really good at playing house with his big sis. He looks up to her so much and sometimes watching them play just makes my heart melt. Kolbe also is talking so much more and he says the cutest things:

Walking out of his room this morning with sleepy eyes, "I saw my bruder crying.  Can we get out the awful maker and eat awfuls? I will get the horks."


Joshua is 10 months old and on the move. You can tell he is the third child because he will crawl off while I am cooking or something and then I ask the older two to play the "who can find Joshua first" game. Emma and Kolbe love this game and so do I.  Probably bad, I know. He is usually found in my shower or here:

Waving his white flag.

He is getting so big and just wants to play and do everything his siblings do.

Joshua is fluent in grunting. And this little big guy loves to eat. Anything and everything. Edible and unfortunately inedible. 

He is still very attached to his mommy- which I love, but it does make it hard to get anything done sometimes...but he is sooo snuggly and I am just trying to remind myself to enjoy it because I now know it won't last forever.

And here is one last pic of our growing family, curtesy of Emma Rose:

Emma is left-handed, so I think that is why she sometimes writes her name backwards, maybe? And once again, the whole "Dan and Lauren" thing. I promise she doesn't call us that at home. Dan and I have an ongoing discussion about whether or not his hair is black or very dark brown...Emma cleared that one up for us. And I am digging my red jumpsuit...

That's all for now folks!

Now if you haven't already, click on over to BeaninLove to read about those precious bean twins! 


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