All The People Said Amen


A long long time ago...the summer before my freshman year of college, I was up at FUS for orientation weekend and I was riding around campus with my high school youth minister, John Beaulieu. He was playing this new Christian music cd in his car. He was really excited about this up and coming Catholic artist and was telling me all about him. His name was Matt Maher and his album was called "The End and the Beginning." Little did I know that this artist's music would soon become the soundtrack to most of my college career and beyond.

Whenever I listen to Matt Maher's album "Welcome to Life" I think of my travels in Austria and hanging out in my room with Ana and Vickie and Sarah and Jen and Mary Ellen and Fenter...and riding on trains and all of that fun "I spent a semester in Europe" stuff.  That cd was also playing in the car the first time Dan and I ever went out to eat together. Yes, I remember funny things like that.  When I listen to his album, "Overflow" I think of my junior year and driving around Steubenville, because I am pretty positive that cd played in my car for an entire semester...

And then the following three albums Dan and I have enjoyed together, post college, while doing ministry.  The first time I ever got to see him in concert was when he was involved in ADORE ministry and Dan was able to get them to come to McGill four years ago.  I was so pumped. I remember sitting in the gym, watching them set-up, holding baby Emma, and Matt came and sat in the chair directly behind me to tune his guitar. I was starstruck. I froze and was sitting there trying to act normal. Do I turn around and introduce myself? Do I tell him how much his music means to me? Is that weird?  What did I end up doing? Nothing. He was tuning his guitar and very seriously preparing for the evening and I just sat there quietly, feeling very awkward, but so excited at the same time. (In case you were wondering, I did get to meet him later.)

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Matt Maher and his music and the thing I love most about it- more than all of the memories attached to the songs- is that each song points to God and His Love for us.

Why I am I writing about this?? Because he is coming to my town again this Friday night for the "All the People" tour with Chris August and Bellarive. And I am so grateful for my parents who are graciously going to babysit so that I can go!! The concert is free -- which is crazy-- and everyone near Mobile needs to come. It is going to be AWESOME.  See. you. there.
And all the people said Amen.


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