Baskets, Band-Aids, and Basketball.

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Some random thoughts:

1. The Easter celebration has been great so far- with egg hunts, Easter baskets, too much chocolate (complete with tummy aches), bike riding, fun with cousins, and a family movie night. Tomorrow we are going to the beach for the day and Emma has already begun to pack. Her suitcase is full of dolls and other toys, everything you would need to go swimming. I think we are set. Let the Easter fun continue...for another 7 weeks...I love being Catholic! ;)

2. I love babies:

3. Joshua loves to eat. Let me say it again. Joshua loves to eat. Ever since he had his little surgery, he gobbles up whatever we give him, like oatmeal, veggies, fruits, or  what he gets his hands bread, french fries, know. At his last check up he was still off the charts for his height. How many inches long? I couldn't tell you. My mom-brain can't remember.  But some friends of ours have nicknamed him Lebron.
Trend Alert: The Oatmeal Goatee

4. Dan and Kolbe are starting a band. I might play tambourine. I haven't been asked yet though.

5. I love Band-aids. I especially LOOVVVEEEE how much my kids depend on them.
Some examples:

"I just bited myself, I need a band-aid."

"Ow! I hit my head on the couch, can I have a band-aid?"

"I have a tiny red mark on my knee that looks like it might bleed soon, band-aid please."

"my tongue is bleeding, band-aid?"

"i need a band-aid, my toe fell off!!"

"Mommy, I have to have a band-aid, the bones in my arm are broken!"

"Where are the band-aids? I have barnacles on my hands!"
(which means "my hands are shriveled from the bath"...)

And the most frustrating thing about these precious boo-boos is that I give in and pass out the band-aids and then when we really need them, they are all gone. Then try getting into a deep conversation with a 5 year old and 3 year old about why we are out of times. It is a process and we are working on it.

6.  Kolbe and Emma were playing house, here is the conversation I overheard:

(Emma was changing a baby doll's diaper.)
Kolbe: Ok, honey, I am going to go play basketball!
Emma: Ok! I am going to keep changing this diaper.
Kolbe: Thanks honey, bye!
(he runs out, then runs back in)
Kolbe: Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey! I am going to go play basketball!
Emma: Ok! be careful!
(he runs out, then runs back in again)
Kolbe: honey, honey, honey!! I hurt my knee!  
Emma: oh no, are you ok?
Kolbe: Yeah honey, I am going to go play basketball!

I have no clue about where they came up with all of that...
                                                  oh those funny, they are!

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