Emma's Thanksgiving Feast

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I am one of those people that has to arrive places 10 minutes early. Well, this is nearly impossible once you have babies. There is always something that happens right as we are heading out the door, whether it is a dirty diaper, a missing shoe, a lost doll that just has to come with us, or my keys have been misplaced. I have had to come to terms with not always being early or even on time.
Today was Emma's Thanksgiving feast at her preschool and all I had to bring was a bag of chips, Fritos to be exact. Those are Emma's favorite and that is what she volunteered to bring. So Fritos I had to get.
I had Joshua ready to go in his carseat by 10. I had an hour to get to the grocery store, go home, unload, and get to Emma's party. All I had to do was get Kolbe dressed.

And that's when I lost control of my situation. I was at the mercy of a constipated two year old who would not get dressed until his problem was solved... So I sat down on the floor next to the babe in the carseat and waited. I knew all of my years of cheerleading would come in handy one day as I began rooting for my son. "T-D, we want a touchdown." "S-I-N-K, Sink it!" And so on...
At 10:39 he was done, meanwhile I had taken crying Joshua out of carseat, fed him one more time and cleaned up the spit up on my pants. So I quickly changed his diaper and we were leaving the the driveway at 10:43. I had just enough time to run in the store with both boys and buy a bag of chips. Imagine the pain and torture I felt while being in the store knowing that I didn't have enough time to buy anything else that I needed. So frustrating. We finally made it to Emma's school at 11:04. And seeing the smile on her face when we walked in with her chips made the previous hour so worth it.

So to sum this little post up:
I am thankful for humbling experiences and for moments that remind me that I am not in control- but God is.
I am thankful for the joy my children bring to my life.
And I am thankful for Dan's leftover piece of cheesecake that I just devoured- sorry sweetie... ;)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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