Little Words

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Here are some of the conversations and comments I hear on a daily basis. Enjoy!

"Every time I feel a little buzz on my foot." - Emma, referring to how her feet feel in her boots...I think.

"I am going to cut your nose."
- Emma, when she was mad at me. I still have my nose, in case you were wondering.

"You are a trash can!"-Emma
said to me, once again...she did apologize after i burst into tears.

Me: who will help me clean up?
E: I'll do it
K: Me too
E: Me three
K: Me four
E: No your 3 and I am 4
K: oh Yeah
E: Wait your two
K: oh Yeah!
E: And then I ll be five and you'll be three And then I'll be 6 and then one day you will be 6
K: I am not sick, I happy!"

"Every time my lips dry out, I make them wet again." - Emma

"Two boys in class threw up today. One threw up, then another boy saw him and threw up too. One had green throw up and the other one had orange."
was this necessary for me to share? Nope, not at all, but I figured since I had to hear it, someone else should too...

"Don't take my burgers."
-Kolbe, as I was trying to wipe his nose. Gross

"I need towel on my neck!!"
- Kolbe, towel needed to clean off the chocolate pudding, of course.

"I think I need to take your coins from your wallet to fill my piggy bank up." - Emma

"Kolbe's diaper is so stinky I think that is why Joshua is crying."
I don't think that is true, but that is why I was crying....

"I just found a snail shell! I am going to go put it in my snail collection."-Emma
Snail collection????

"Your eyes look spooky."-Emma
It's very humbling to have your daughter comment on the dark circles under your eyes...

Dan was teaching Kolbe how to play basketball.
Emma: "I want to be the middler."
Dan:you mean play center?
Emma: Yeah, wait, no I want to be the man in the middle who holds the ball up.
Dan: Oh you mean the referee?
I like "middler" better...

I have to add a quote from my almost two year old nephew, Joe. He walked over to me grabbed my hand and with a serious face said:
"Stand up."
And stand up I did. Will the real Slim Shady...

And my favorite:
"Oh, you're right, mommy."

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