Hello, Monday!


A few thoughts of this tired mother...

1. Babies do not get the whole time change thing. Good morning, Joshua, at 5:15. And then we were out of coffee. Hello, Monday!

2. This morning I got in a clothes battle with my 4 year old daughter. Seriously?? She changed outfits three times and what she finally decided on was a dress that is now too short. Then I had to bring up the whole modesty issue. And I still was without coffee. I finally won the battle- but the war is not over.

3. Yesterday, between the two boys, I changed 7 stinky, dirty diapers. That is just wrong. Potty training the two year old begins...tomorrow.

4. I am working on decorating the kids bathroom. Right now the walls are white, the frames on the wall are crooked, and yesterday I was motivated to come up with a game plan. Here is a sneak peak of one of one of my paintings for the room:
Have I mentioned how much our family loves Peter Pan? ;)

5. Dan was gone the whole weekend, working at a retreat. He is taking most of the day off today. Hooray! Oh happy day.

6. Does it bother anyone else that most stores don't open until 10? I have been up since 5 and I can't run the errands that are on my list until 10. By the time 10 rolls around, we are going to be ready for naps or lunch or something. Craziness.

6. Confession: After I took Emma to school, I did go pick up some Starbucks coffee...which I happily enjoying now. hello, Monday!


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