Have I mentioned that I am so excited for Emma to wear a uniform to school next year?! Every morning we battle about what she picks out to wear. I have finally given in a little, as long as she passes the modesty test, she is good to go.

Here are a few Emma originals:

So here she is wearing her tinker bell pjs with a skirt on top and note her neon socks that don't match...quite lovely.

Here is Emma in one of my t-shirts with one of hers on top. Add some leggings and boots and she is ready to go. Don't forget the bear hat that Uncle Alex purchased for her all the way from Austria. And yes, she really did wear the hat to school.

My favorite part of this ensemble is the little red jacket that she wore when she was 18 months old...

And finally here she is ready to take on the rainy day- complete with jacket and boots. She has on a pink shirt with a white v-neck on top and turquoise leggings to complete the outfit.

Yes, there are days where I really want to control her and make her wear an outfit that actually matches... or fits her, but I have to keep reminding myself that she is 4 years old and it just doesn't matter. She is so full of life and I love that she is confidant in who she is. I pray that she always stays that way. Thank you, Lord, for our little fashionista in the making and for all of the joy that she brings to our lives!


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