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Last Saturday I turned 28. Over the past few days I have been reflecting on how much I have accomplished during my life so far and I am really just so grateful. God has blessed me abundantly. It was awesome to have a birthday on a Saturday because Dan was home and we were able to have a family day. What did that family day entail?? Well, doing nothing all morning but sit on the couch and watch t.v. and play with the kids. Then in the afternoon Dan helped me straighten up around the house- which was the best gift ever. And to top it all off, he took me out to dinner while my parents watched the kids. Because it was my birthday and Dan was home, I took my time showering, drying my hair, painting my nails and so was wonderful. I felt awesome...with no picture to document, oh well.

I am also thankful for all of the sweet birthday messages from my family and friends. I am amazed at the wonderful people that I have in my life!!

Joshua has had a big week so far! He is now able to get up on all fours and is trying with all of his might to crawl. He rocks and moves backwards and flops on the floor. He has his first little tooth coming (which makes for a fussy baby). He also tried sweet potatoes for the first time and I think he was a fan:

I have been trying to give Kolbe some extra attention this week. While Emma is a school I tend to go into cleaning or errand mode because I want to get done whatever I can with only two kids in tow. But because of that I realized that Kolbe wasn't getting enough one on one time with me. So yesterday I looked up a few ideas on pinterest and we ended up making a road all over his room with tape and raced each other.
It lasted for about ten minutes until Joshua made his way over to some of the tape and started to eat/play with it.

Then we moved on to play-doh. Kolbe asked me to once again build a road and cars to ride on it. Once again, this lasted about ten minutes until Joshua(who was in my lap) grabbed on of the cars and smashed it in his hands.

Yesterday I also ran a few errands before getting Emma. One of the said errands was picking up Chick-fil-a. This is Kolbe's favorite treat ever and he was so excited that once he was clutching his kids meal, he fell asleep. So with both boys asleep in the van, Emma and I had a lunch date in the front seat.

*I was writing this post at 6:30 this morning, while everyone was still sleeping (except Joshua). I lost track of time and then suddenly it was 7:30 and time to get going with:
breakfast making
pants ironing
diaper changing
snot blowing
snack packing
little girl fighting
hair combing
baby crying
toddler eating
and mom screaming...for more coffee.

It is now 8:15. Good morning, America!

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