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Well, Christmas is now officially over. All of the decorations were put away last night and now it is time to reorganize my life. Sigh. It's a now a new year and I thought it was was time to make up some resolutions.

1. Shower every day. You might think I am kidding, but I am not. For example, as I was making dinner yesterday, it dawned me that I never showered. And then I started to smell roses. Emma had gotten a hold of a perfume and sprayed every room in the house. I am convinced it is because of me. Whatever the reason, Dan and I gagged the rest of the evening as we went from room to room.

2.Exercise. I know, this is an oh so boring and so typical resolution. But I am not saying that I need to exercise more, but that I really need to start exercising in general. As much as I would like for shopping at the grocery store with three kids or nursing a baby while eating a cookie to be considered just doesn't cut it.

3. Pursue Emma's dreams of being BRAVE. She wanted to take this bow to school today. I told her that it I don,t think they would appreciate having a pretend weapon. She then responded, "I will tell them it is my harp." I think we are headed for trouble with this one. She is tricky.

4. Cut back on my coffee intake...Ha!

5. Watch less tv...

6. Have Dan teach Joshua how to play the guitar. At 7 months old. Put it on youtube and We will be famous!

7. Potty train the almost three year old. It is time.

8. This one is not a resolution, but more of a concern. I found Emma lining up all of her princess figurines. The five princes that she has were lined up as well. I asked her what she was playing and she responded, "Well, the princesses are in a line and the prince has to pick out the prettiest one." Apparently we have our own season of The Bachelor going on at our house. Hooray...

9. Have the house clean, laundry done and put away, dinner made, and kids happily playing when Dan comes home every day...Ha! Yeah right, but a mom can dream, right?!
(obviously don't have a picture of this one...)

10. Pray more and keep striving for holiness.

So there you have it. Happy New Year!

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