Today the whole fam took a trip to Target with one goal. That goal was to find a little red wagon. Every year Emma's preschool puts on a Mardi Gras parade for the rest of the school. We have heard that this is a pretty big deal and that each preschooler has to decorate a wagon for them to ride in and throw candy and beads to all of the older kids.
Emma is beyond excited about this parade. And Dan and I are beyond excited to build her a float!
Anyway- back to Target...of course we went for one thing but returned home with a few extra things, like shoes.
Kolbe did need a pair of tennis shoes and well Emma thought she needed these purple shoes...but they were on clearance, so we gave in.
We finally made it to the checkout with two carts, three kids, one wagon and our random items. While loading everyone and everything into the van, Dan realized that we stole a few items- yep, we shoplifted a few pairs of boxer briefs. So Dan, with a slight embarrassed grin, walked back into the store to pay for his underwear.
Then home we went to make dinner and build a wagon.

While making Ana's spaghetti and meatball recipe, I heard my poor baby gagging on a receipt that fell on the floor. ..But dinner was success, Kolbe's THREE helpings are a testament to that.

Then it was time for the three kiddos to get a bath and time for Dan to head to the gym to play ball. While I was getting the clean little one dressed, the older two decided to make a tidal wave which left standing water all over the floor. Fighting off the angry mommy rampage, I sternly sent off to get dressed while I started to clean the mess. A still naked little Kolbe walked in the room with a look of panic. I knew the look. I quickly ran to him to take him to the potty, but it was too late. Right as I picked him up, plop went the poop on the floor. Potty training is the best. So is Lysol.
Kolbe:" You don't like us mommy??" (Asked after our drama filled evening)
Me: "Yes!!! of course I like you- I love you so much!
Kolbe: (with a very excited voice) "She does like us Emma!!"
And now it is 6:30. Only 6:30. So I decided it was time for a little mommy time-out for blogging. While holding two crying children who simultaneously got hurt. And also time for a special treat:


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