Dumb at First Sight

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Today, on this beautiful Saturday, I thought it would be great day to start documenting my love story- because I know everyone wants to read it...

Chapter 1: Dumb at First Sight

Once upon a time there was a young maiden who was moving into her beautiful dorm room in Marian Hall.

Next door was another fair maiden who happened to be one of her best friends. This fair maiden went by the name of Ana and she had two young men who were helping carry in all of her boxes.

Suddenly there was a knock at my door and when I opened it there was Ana and these two guys. One was her boyfriend at the time and the other was his best friend, Dan. I was so caught off guard by the handsome appearance of the best friend that I quickly said hi, to be polite, and then shut the door in their faces. Smooth, I know. Great first impression. Because of my rudeness, Dan assumed I was a senior and just had no interest in talking to him. Ouch.

Life went on and I would see Dan around campus and was still very shy around him. And I had every right to be shy- he was Dan Johnson, star of the basketball team:

Towards the end of our sophomore year, I started to get a little more aggressive confidant. Ok, so I became a creeper. I was that girl that would innocently show up wherever he was. I knew when all some of his classes were and I knew if I saw his old white toyota parked in front of Francis Hall that he was close by.
One time I was walking back to my dorm and and I saw him walking towards his car from a distance. I knew that once he got in his car he was going to have to drive by my dorm. So I waited. I walked very slowly and kept turning to see if he was coming. FINALLY I saw his car and I walked to the door, did a little side glance, flung my hair back, pulled out the surprise face and waved, as if I was shocked that he was driving by that very minute. Nice one.

Then there was the time that I cut through the student center to walk to my next class and was happily "surprised" when I saw him there talking to one of his friends. I went over to say hi, but his friend didn't see me and kept talking, so I didn't know what to do. I waited a minute because I didn't want to interrupt. Dan kept glancing over at me and would flash that grin that still turns my heart into melted butter. So I stood there and I knew I had to get to class- because I hated being late, so I awkwardly waved and headed out the door. Sad.

Slowly but surely we became friends. One time we were in the "caf" eating dinner with a group of our friends. I mentioned that I wanted some chocolate ice cream. Dan said he did too so he took orders from the table and then he ventured off downstairs. A few minutes later I saw him walking over carrying the huge container of chocolate ice cream, that he borrowed from the freezer downstairs. That moment I could hear the angels singing in the background and I knew he was the one. He put the huge container at the center of the table and we all started helping ourselves. Dreamy guy who loved chocolate. Check.

I have one more pre-dating story to share. One night Dan called and asked if Ana and I wanted to come over and hang out at his house. Umm, yes please. So a little while later he drove up to the dorm and we walked out and saw him with two of his buddies already in the car. Dan went and opened his trunk and pulled out two life vests that he stored for his random adventures. Always prepared for anything I guess. He handed the two vests to Ana and I and said the seat belts were broken in the back seat and he wanted us to wear these to keep us safe. So thoughtful.

So we were good sports and put them on and got in the car with one of his friends squeezed in the middle. Our first stop was McDonalds to get some food. We went through the drive-thru and because Dan was on the phone with his mom (which I thought was so cute-smart thinking Dan, show the girl how sensitive and sweet you are)) he passed the window and stopped so I could pay, as I was sitting behind him on driver's side. He handed me the money and I just stared at the cashier and felt extremely stupid wearing this huge orange life vest. You can never be too cautious these days. Dreamy guy with great sense of humor. Check. We then went to his house where we played the craziest game of Spoons that I have ever played in my life- which says a lot since Spoons is a McAleer family favorite.

As I end this first chapter, I thought I would share one more quick pic- the first one we ever took together. Such a cute couple:
And you know what they say about cute couples--very cute kids! But that of course is a much later chapter.

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