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Hi! Hello! My name is Lauren Crazy Lady "who has her hands full" Johnson.

Welcome to my day:

Last night our air conditioner went out upstairs, so we moved our mattress downstairs and had a family sleepover in our family room...

6:45 am- Dan and I woke up and realized we were already behind because he was supposed to leave the house at 6:45. Love it when that happens!
So we got up, kids still asleep/ slowly waking up.
I ran upstairs to change and make coffee because the guy coming to fix our air conditioner said he would come at 7.
Dan was rushing as well and asked me to iron his pants, which I graciously did, then went to fix our coffee, then he left.
7:05- go to get the kids up. Joshua woke up with a leaky diaper. So I cleaned him up then went and got the other two. Made pancakes. Kolbe moved a stool over and tried to help and then he burned his arm. I felt awful- so did he. Some TLC and 3 band-aids later, he was fine, and I then served breakfast.
7:58- time to get Emma to school, while loading them in the car, the air guy pulls up. Great timing. He gets started outside and I drive up the street to school.
8:02- park and get kids out. We were too late for the drop-off. Emma looked at me with this horrified look and says "why are you still wearing your pajamas?"
I look down because I couldn't remember what I was wearing and it was some black exercise pants and a t-shirt. I answered: "well I can wear this to exercise too..." and then she looked at me funny because clearly I never use these clothes to exercise. Need to fix that.
Kolbe, Joshua and I walked Enma into her building. I spent a few minutes talking to her teachers about how big Joshua is and then we digressed and talked about birth stories for a few minutes. Took the boys home to let the air guy in, then he asked if he could use our restroom- which I was embarrassed about because the bathroom needs to be cleaned...
9:33- $157 later, air conditioner fixed. I needed to go to the store but after writing that check, I decided against it. Joshua fell asleep so I went and got a shower.

I could go on about the rest of my day and what I accomplished or didn't for that matter, but it is not necessary. You know, I hate the question, "So you stay at home? What do you do all day? Do you get bored?" Well to answer that- nope I don't get bored. There is something that always needs to get done. But the most important part of my job is not cleaning the house or cooking dinner. The most important part is being at home with my children, playing dress up and cars with them. It is so easy for me to get distracted and forget that. I love my job, even though I might not always show it. I also know that it is a blessing for me to be able to stay home with our children. I don't ever want to take it for granted. Thank you for reading for reading the secret thoughts of an American mommy.
In other news: I just got pooped on. Have a great night!

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