In the Middle


My sister always said it's hard to be the middle child. And I have noticed that most of my posts are about Emma. So I decided to dedicate this post to sweet Kolbe Francis.

Kolbe is a little boy after my own heart. Today he grabbed the peanut butter off of the counter, got a spoon, and started to eat it. As I watched him do this, I looked at him lovingly and a tear was shed- ok not really, but to all of those who know about my love for peanut butter, you understand.

But not only is it the peanut butter- he was given the chocolate gene as well. Or "chock ette" as he calls it. One day I went to the bathroom and when I walked out, Kolbe had gone to the freezer, pulled out the ice cream, climbed up to his high chair and was eating it with his fingers:

I couldn't even get mad at him- I was so impressed by his determination.
Because my son is so awesome, I am going to keep bragging about him.

He is a good little brother. He is Emma's little shadow and copycat.

He really misses her while she is at school.

So while Emma is at school- I love to spend time with my boys.

Kolbe is an excellent storyteller and Joshua is a happy listener.

Yes, so sweet...but don't let this little guy fool you- Kolbe is also 2. He wants to do everything himself and when he can't or if I don't let him, this is what happens:

he is screaming, not sleeping. So dramatic.

Did I mention that he loves chocolate??

He is also a great driver:

He also Loves to play in the dirt.

I mean, what little boy doesn't? Recently he was playing in the yard and had a small American flag that he was waving and then trying to stand in the ground. His Uncle Philip asked, "Kolbe, are you proud to be an American?" And Kolbe looked at him seriously and responded, "I like dirt." there you go.

And then after an exhausting day of playing and eating, he curls up and goes to sleep.

Did I mention how much I love this little boy?!?!


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