The Little Flower

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Yesterday was the feast day of my favorite saint, St. Therese of Lisieux. My love for her developed in college when I joined the Little Flowers Household. I remember reading her autobiography freshman year and I loved her Little Way and wanted to model after it. I loved my household and treasure the time spent with my sisters:

Because St. Therese is so dear to my heart, I try to make her feast day very special. Now that Emma is 4, she is at a fun age to celebrate with me. Yesterday we colored pictures of St. Therese that I found online and we made St. Therese puppets. So fun. (the boys however did not have fun- oh well.)

This year I decided that I wanted to make a French dinner to celebrate. What did I decide to make, you might ask? I chose Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon. I made this a few years ago with some girlfriends, but this was my first time flying solo. So because it was a good day, I went to Fresh Market, which was a treat for me. I picked up the beef, a french baguette, and some French wine- oh and some triple chocolate cupcakes for me the kids. I got to the checkout and realized I didnt have my wallet...seriously?! Then, miraculously, I found my checkbook at the bottom of my diaper bag. I wrote out the check and handed it to the cashier. She then gave me a blank stare and was waiting for my license. OH yeah. I told her I left my wallet at home. She then looked at Joshua in my sling, then Kolbe with snot running down his nose coveting the chocolate cupcakes and she took my phone number then let me go. Thank the Lord.

It ended up being a great day- we were able to go to Church as a family and dinner was great! One last story-
Since Dan and I were dating, he started a tradition of giving me roses every year on this wonderful feast day. So now I kind of expect it. Well, yesterday Dan wasn't feeling very well, and he forgot to buy flowers. Yes, I was a little sad, but then realized that flowers are not a necessary thing. It would not be living out the "Little Way" if I were to say anything or tease him. So I didn't say anything. Last night after he returned from basketball and we got the kids in bed, he gave me a huge hug and said he was sorry that he forgot to buy flowers. He said he remembered earlier, but then forgot again. I of course told him it was not a big deal- because the day isn't even about me. It's for her. Then twenty minutes or so later, he said that he left his wallet in the car and didn't lock it, so he went to go get it and then returned with beautiful roses. I hugged him and thanked him and and then asked why he made a huge deal about forgetting them, if he had the flowers in the car the whole time. He went on to explain that he sent one of "our" college teens on a secret mission to go get flowers for me. Her instructions were to leave them on the front porch. And apparently he promised her a million dollars. ;) So thank you, Gaillard, my secret angel, for my beautiful roses! I love them and we love you!:

Stay tuned...the feast of St. Francis of Assisi is next!

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