True Confessions

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As I watch my son play in the dirt at 8:15 am, I thought I would share some secret thoughts of this silly mom.

1. Dan just dropped Emma off at school for her first field trip. And I am not going. Still trying to work through this one. They are going to a farm and going on a hay ride! Why did I not go? Because I was not allowed to bring my 4 month old and I am still too much of a control freak to be apart from him for over 3 hours. So because of that fact, I am missing out on a fall hay ride and some delicious satsumas. Sad Emma:

2. Sometimes I wait to make brownies until the kids are either asleep or preoccupied, not because I want to avoid a mess, but because I want to lick the brownie bowl all by myself. Sinful, I know.

3. My friends know that I love all things cheesy. Being a mother has made it worse. For example, Dan has never returned home from an evening meeting and found me watching reruns of 7th Heaven on the gospel music channel...

4. I am very good at keeping our house in "organized chaos" mode.

I know where (most) things are, but no one else could probably find them. Note to self: work on this.

5. We still have a pet fish. When was the last time it was fed? Don't know. How is it still alive? I don't know that either. Maybe just to spite me.

That's all, folks!

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