A Family United


For all of those who have been wondering what we have been up to the past few days...

Last Wednesday night Kolbe started to get a high fever, at one point it reached 104 and he had the shakes. We got his temp down, and we took him to the doctor Thursday morning. He tested positive for the flu and his white blood count was way high. An X-ray confirmed he had pneumonia. Thankfully we caught that early and it hadn't spread too much yet.

You know it's always a great day when you go to the doctor and at the end of the visit you are told to go upstairs to your hospital room. Poor Kolbe, we have taken him to the doctor twice for sick visits and each time he ends up in the hospital. God big or go home, I guess.

So Dan, Joshua, and I went with Kolbe to get him settled in his room. By this point it was nearing lunch time and my sister was able to get Emma from school. It took awhile to get settled in the room, we had to watch the nurses put the I.V. in and get some blood work done. Kolbe was so out of it, that he didn't put up too much of a fight. He was so brave. Even when they were having a hard time getting the blood culture and had to try a few different spots, he quietly looked at me with tears rolling down his face. Heartbreaking. The Mama Lion in me was getting ready to pounce.

Dan had left to go to a meeting and tie up things at work so he could stay with Kolbe in the hospital. It was hard to say goodbye and leave him. I wished I was able to bilocate. Note to self- work on becoming holier. I have to say though, that Dan is a wonderful dad. He was so good with Kolbe and despite the circumstances, they really bonded. Before Kolbe was a mama's boy and I am not so sure if that is the case anymore. They played trucks and airplanes and sang songs and watched movies together.

Back on the home front, Joshua was up most of Thursday night because he was so congested. I was quietly worrying about him too. Friday afternoon my parents helped with Joshua and Emma so I could sit with Kolbe and Dan could go to a meeting. Joshua woke up from his nap with a 102 fever. So mom brought him to me at the hospital and I took him downstairs to the doctor office. Here we go. Round 2. Dan joined me at the doc, and we prepared for worst case scenario and laughed about having two rooms upstairs and playing tag. But praise the Lord, Joshua had a double ear infection! Ok, so poor Joshua...but we were sent home with an antibiotic and that was good news! As I left Kolbe that night, he was crying out, "Untie me, Untie me!" Once again, heartbreaking. Friday night was a long night for Joshua, I was doing what I could to keep his fever down and he was struggling eating because of his congestion. No fun, but at least I was at home.

Saturday Jenn and Philip took Emma for the day and then she ended up spending the night at my parents house. She was good through all of this change, but she was searching some attention and they were thankfully able to give that to her.

My day was spent caring for the babe and also making visits to see the other two and bring them food and treats. The doc told us just one more night in the hospital. By this point Kolbe was feeling better...and getting very stir-crazy. It was a challenge to get an active two year old boy to stay in the bed one more night.

And finally it was Sunday. Joshua was feeling much better and so was Kolbe. We went to see them and I got to witness the nurse take off his I.V. Pure freedom. Kolbe started jumping around the room, he couldnt wait to go home!!

It was such a blessing to have the family together again under one roof.

I am so grateful for my family who helped by taking care of the kids and for cleaning the house while we were away.

For Fr. Dan, who came to our house Sunday evening to celebrate Mass for us.

And for Mother Olga of the Sacred Heart who asked to come pray over Kolbe and for the Duffey family who brought her.

And we are so grateful for all of the prayers from family and friends, especially those of Dan's family who I know would have been here to help in a heartbeat, if they could.

And most of all, thank You God, for trials and suffering, and joy and laughter. Thank You for our family and for our vocation to marriage. Thank You for the gift of life!


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