Things I learned this week

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1. Joshua loves his new bouncing play station. It is very helpful to have a fun place for him to play. Just be warned when he is suddenly laughing and jumping in a puddle... Nope, Not water.

2. Having a two year old boy means that sometimes you will just have messy days. I think Kolbe had three baths yesterday. Clothes are so overrated.

3. Don't make homemade pizzas with three kids, while Dan is still at work, and after just mopping the floor. "Mom tantrum" will inevitably occur. Don't have a picture of that, but I do have a picture of the final product, which is quite lovely. Worth it? Still not sure.

4. Letting my 4 year old take pictures of the baby with my phone was a good idea- with cute results.

5. Outings after dinner to get treats are fun! Especially when you plan to see other adults as well. Finding a place that also entertains the kids is helpful too.

I promise they are not in a cage.
It is also awesome when the kids fall asleep on the way home from the fun outing.

6. Krispy Kreme is branching out in their ready made combos to go, quite brave of them.

7. Sometimes eating Cheerios and granola bars for lunch is ok, because, well, Mom is too busy finishing up this post. Oops.

Happy Friday!

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