Out of the mouth of Emma

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"I think I am sick. The breath from my nose is hot."
Good observation.

"Oh that's why we call it the mudroom."
Yes, i know I need to clean this room. Thanks for making me feel like a good homemaker...

"Kolbe just BROKE my heart!!"
A little dramatic, are we?

Finding some old PJs in bottom of the drawer:
"oh!! I haven't worn these in YEARS!!"
Years? Really. Amazing!

Speaking to me:
"Well, then I will fire you!"
Good luck with that one.

To Kolbe:
"You are a silly goose"
His response:
"I not goose. You goose."
Good one Kolbe!

Again to Kolbe:
"No no no, little man!"

"I told my teacher that Sam is dead."
Oh, good, I am sure she wanted to know all about your mommy's old dog that died when you were two.

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