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"I kissed a boy today"- Emma, age 4

We should have seen this coming when Dan walked her into her classroom one morning and three boys ran over and started to fight over who gets to play with Emma. Emma was holding onto Dan's leg and the teacher came over and told the boys that they will all get to play with Emma. Meanwhile Dan thought, "no they won't because I am taking her home." I am kind of surprised that he didn't take her with him. I am even more surprised that the thought of Emma being fought over didn't drive him to go do something dumb like this guy:

Then the artwork started to come home. Emma's folder would be filled with different drawings and one she had looked like this:

I told her is was so beautiful and she said Stan* drew it for her.
Oh, ok. Then I looked at the next drawing. She told me that she did that one. Oh ok. What is it? I asked. "You guess." Great...well is it a house? "Yes!" Whew...
Emma is very creative and smart, but I am thinking we need to work on some drawing basics...This Stan guy is pretty impressive.

Here is another Stan original that came home yesterday:

Yes, that is Stan and Emma holding hands...Wonderful, isn't it?!...

Last night I was in the kitchen starting dinner, and the kids were sitting on the couch watching mickey mouse. Then from acrss the room, Emma shouted "I kissed a boy today."

Silence. The world stopped for a second. WHAT?!?! What did this little sweet innocent girl say?

I went over to her and turned off the tv, I needed her full attention.

Me: What did you say Emma?
Emma: I kissed Stan today.
ME: WHere, on the cheek? (please be the cheek, please be the cheek)
Em: Yes, on the cheek (giggle giggle)
Me: Why did you kiss him?
Em: Because we were playing mommy and daddy.
Me: What did Stan do after you kissed him?
Em: He wiped it off and said "yuck!" (giggle giggle)
Me: Let's not kiss any more boys, boys don't like to be kissed.
Em: But Daddy likes it when I kiss him.
Me: That's very true. He is the only one.
Em: But we were playing mommy and daddy and you and daddy kiss all of the time!



This morning I was dropping her off in her classroom and I met one of the other moms. She said, "Are you Emma's mom?" "Yes." "Well I think Emma is my son Larry's* girlfriend. He talks about her all of the time."

Oh dear.

So maybe my daughter is a little flirt. And, I don't blame these little boys for loving Emma. But just wait until they have to deal with her Daddy...

*Note: boys names were changed, I thought I would protect their privacy, unless things become more serious... ;)


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