A Castle for Emma

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Once Upon a Time, or this past week, I was planning a princess party for Emma's birthday. I had all of these ideas and was overwhelmed with the busy week and was venting to my friend, Sheena, about how I just need to simplify my party plans.

Here's how it went down:

Me: I had this idea to paint a castle backdrop, but you know, it's just not necessary and I shouldn't worry about it...
Sheena: You're right...Instead...you should build a castle out of cardboard! And I will help!!!

So much for simplifying my busy week.

Then it was Friday. Two days before the party. Dan was gone on the Archdiocesan Youth Conference. And as luck would have it, so was Sheena's husband, Anthony. So what did we decide to do?? Build a castle out of cardboard boxes with the help of our 5 kids...

Here we are mid-project:

We had boxes and kids everywhere. 

Babies fussing and the big kids trying to help out....

But we moms were determined to keep building. Where is that drive when it comes to laundry or scrubbing toilets? Don't know.

Here is the castle put together, the knight and princesses were ready to play.

We took a break for dinner...and coffee. Next step: painting.

Sheena had the idea to paint "bricks" instead of painting the whole thing, and it had an awesome outcome.

After a few hours of cutting, taping, and painting, here it is almost completed with two proud, tired mamas.

But this is a more accurate picture as to how we really felt:

And the night wouldn't be complete with out a little Romeo and Juliet reenactment:

After Sheena headed home and my kids were asleep, I worked on adding a little color to the castle.
Here is the almost finished piece of art. I still might add some ribbons or something come party day. And then I will cringe as I watch a bunch of kids 5 and under destroy play with it... :)

Cardboard boxes: free
Duck tape: $4
Foam brushes: $2
Paint: leftover from painting kids bathroom

Pretty good project if I do say so myself.

Happy birthday Emma!
Love, your mother and godmother :)

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