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I just got back from running some errands and I definitely should be cleaning the kitchen or something, but I really thought it was more important to update the world on our lives...

It has been an interesting week.

Monday- Dan was out of town and had been gone since Friday. I had Sheena and her baby girls over for dinner because her hubby was gone on the same trip with mine. We commiserated by baking and eating chocolate lava cake. We really needed it. Trust me.

Tuesday- Mardi Gras. Dan came home. It rained all day. We ate some King cake and Emma was thrilled to get the baby and add it to her doll collection...

I also thought about doing some sort of craft in honor of Mardi Gras, or Lent beginning, but I didn't get to it. I really want to make a crown of thorns for this lenten season, I am hoping to work on that this weekend. We'll see...

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday...a day of fasting. Except for the children who got to decorate and eat cupcakes that we were bringing to Emma's class the next day. That was extremely tempting! 

We also got to go to an evening Mass with Dan. 

Ashes report:

Kolbe willingly accepted the ashes, but after we sat back down, he looked at my forehead and said very seriously, "I do not want that" and he then rubbed off his ashes. And of course he repeated himself multiple times. 

Emma turned away and did not want ashes. When we got back to the pew and asked her why she didn't want them, she responded, "I do not want to be dirty for Valentine's Day tomorrow."

Joshua was an angel, he had a huge cross on his bald little head and it was so cute. It took everything in me not to pull out my phone during Mass to take a picture. And of course by the end of Mass he had a huge black smear because his siblings wouldn't leave him alone. 

Thursday- Happy St. Valentine's day! Emma was so excited about bringing her Valentine's to school. 
It had been raining for the past few days and finally the sun was out. Emma said, "See I knew God wouldn't let it rain on Valentine's Day!!" She is already quite the romantic. And she had the perfect Valentine:

Speaking of her perfect Valentine, Dan was leaving to go pick Emma up from school, and he decided to pick some flowers to bring her. He had gotten in his car and turned it on and decided to hop out to grab one more flower, not realizing he already had the car in reverse. I happened to be outside with the boys and this is what I saw: Dan jumping out to grab a flower while behind him his car was rolling backwards up the driveway and then Dan turned, saw his car leaving him and darted to the drivers seat and was able to stop the car before it rolled over our neighbor's little tree. It was awesome, well I at least I thought so. Dan, not so much. 
When Emma got home from school, she dumped all of her valentine's out on the floor to show us. I later found Joshua munching on a jellybean and a piece of milk chocolate. It was a good day for him. 

My kids are very creative, well I guess you could call it that. I found them playing the air pump. Kolbe was blowing air into Emma's bellybutton. ?????

Dan did get a babysitter so we could go out to dinner. Because he has been out of town a lot recently, spending that time with him was a gift. 

Friday- Today is my nephew and godson's birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday to Joseph!

This morning Dan had to leave really early so he could be on Archangel radio for the Live Hour. 

So I tried to listen to him while getting the kids fed and dressed. Kolbe got a hold of a blue marker and decided to look like the Joker, while wearing his homemade Peter Pan costume.

 Emma was already late for school at this point so he stayed looking that way. While attempting to clean Kolbe up, Emma said to me, "Ummm, your son is eating paper." Thank you Emma for letting me know that Joshua, also your brother, was eating a paper valentine that you left on the floor.

After taking Emma to school I had to go to Target and on the way home I remembered that I desperately needed stamps. So I stopped by the UPS store because it was on my way home. I walked in the store with the boys and Kolbe decided to pitch a fit and sit on the floor by the door and looked out the window like a sad little puppy. And yes he still had marker on him and was still wearing his costume. So I waited in line and dealt with all of the comments from the customers about my crying son. I got to the front of the line and guess what...they were out of stamps. I tried very hard to remember that it was Lent and this was a perfect little moment that I could sacrifice....which is very hard to do. I guess the bills will have to wait for another day. 

And to top it off, Emma decided to go give herself some bangs all by herself. I am still getting over this and Emma is still in time-out.

Happy Lent! Happy Friday! Cheers!


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