My Nothing Ability

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Last week Sheena and I gave a talk to about 250 freshman and sophomore girls. I always get stressed and nervous before I give a talk, so I texted Dan my thoughts:

"Hi. I am here. The teens are still at Mass and now I am just waiting. Nervous."

And this is the response I get a few minutes later:

"Love you too! The young men's nd women are amazed by you nothing ability. Love you too!"

Of course I read this a few times and was extremely confused. I tried to make sense of it, but nothing came to me. I kept reading the words "amazed by you nothing ability." I finally decided that he must have meant "speaking ability" and then I proceeded to prepare for the talk.

No matter how many times I have given a talk, I always get extremely nervous. Example: I chose to write a thesis for my double major (for this incredible university), instead of doing two seminars where I would have to speak in front of the whole class. Since graduating college, God continues to use me in my weakness and calls me out of my comfort zone in ministry. I was in charge of a girls group at the high school for 4 years, helped teach weekly sessions on Theology of the Body to freshmen girls, and have spoken many times at the campus ministry retreats. But, despite all of my experience, I still get nervous. And I still doubt my ability. So in a way, my "nothing ability" made sense- because I am nothing without God.  I need to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me in what I say and do. He uses the weak to lead the strong.

After the talk to the girls was over, I was driving home and finally a got a hold of Dan. He had spent the morning with the senior class and also gave a talk. He was so excited because it went really well and he then asked if I got his text. (Yes, thanks, i think) He went on to say it was perfect because when I texted him, he was in the middle of his talk and happened to be speaking about Joshua's birth and how amazing I was for birthing a 10lb 6oz baby. So when his phone buzzed he took it out of his pocket and said to the seniors: "Oh it's my wife! She is probably nervous about the talk she is giving, we should encourage her." So then he tried to type while talking, saying: "love you too. The young men and women are amazed by your birthing ability." (To which all of the seniors loved and burst out laughing.)

Oh, awesome. So glad. Wonder Woman, I guess??

Birthing ability
Speaking ability
Nothing ability.

I think I am most grateful for the last one.

One last thing, in case you were wondering, it is really awesome to have eighteen-year-olds walk up to you and say that they heard that I am really good at birthing. Seriously.

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