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A little mid-week update. Well its not quite mid-week, but almost. Emma and Kolbe are on the mend, but now the babe has RSV. I am ready for all of this sickness to be over. Good news is that all three kids slept so well last night. Which of course is good for them...and for me.

A few words on sick babies. Joshua's red eyes make my heart break. I took Joshua to the doctor yesterday and it is so frustrating to be told that all I can do to help him is to make sure he keeps eating/drinking well and to keep his nose clear with the bulb syringe...I dislike that thing so much. I feel like every time I go to use it, it makes him cry more which then makes his stuffy nose worse. On the positive and selfish side of things, I am getting my exercise today as I carry all 22 lbs of him in my moby wrap.

A few words on Kolbe. He is still not potty trained.

Also, he is a wonderful waver. Every morning he has to stand outside on the front porch and wave to Emma. He waves that arm in the air so well- he puts all of his love and energy in to it. It melts my heart.

He also says the cutest things. He is getting better at speaking every day- but I will miss his little toddler talk. For example when he says "Banks, mommy" (Thanks, mommy) or "I wud you." Yesterday after Joshua woke up from his nap he came running in the room and said, "You fake, bud!?!" (translation: you awake, bud?!)
He is also in that stage where he says the same thing over and over just to make sure you got it.
"That's a blue truck...that's a blue truck...thats a blue truck...I saw a blue truck"
"Kolbe, you saw a blue truck?!"
"Yeah, saw a blue truck."

And then there are the moments where he is repeating the same thing over and over and I am grateful because it takes me that many times to figure out what he is saying:

"My car a pear."
"My car a pear. A pear. ... It a pear. My car right here and then it a pear."
"Ohhh disappeared?!"


While in the car listening to music:

"Can't hear it."
"Ok, I will turn it up."
"cant HEAR IT"
"I just turned it up, Emma said she can hear it."
"cant HEAR IT!"
I then proceed to worry about his ears and if I need to take him to the doctor. Then Emma who is my Kolbe translator speaks up in her professional voice,
"Mommy, he is saying Are we here yet?!"
oh....right... no Kolbe, we are not HERE YET.

Now time for a few words on Emma. First, her 4K mardi gras parade is on Friday. We spent most of the weekend working on her float and we are ALL so excited about her parade! A blog post on this fun project is coming.
Emma rarely tells me stories from school when I pick her up. They usually come at random moments later in the day. Like when we are out running erands and she says, "Mommy, all of the boys were fighting over me at school today."
How do you respond to that one? So of course I asked her why, she responded that she didnt know. Ok. I know. And I know we are headed for trouble. Dan is already preparing himself.

Now, lastly, a few words on coffee. It is time for more. The end.


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