Sick Days


Emma woke up Sunday night screaming with ear pain. I took her to the doctor the next morning and both of her ears were infected. Monday night Kolbe woke up in the middle of night crying and hot. He had a high fever, but could not tell us what was hurting.

So 24 hours later I was back at the doctor's in the same little waiting room, but with a different child. Kolbe does not have an ear infection, but has strep throat and RSV instead.

How is it that two of our kids are sick, but with different illnesses- still not sure.

And then there is poor little Healthy Joshua who will probably not stay healthy for long and who is also now deciding it is time to start crawling all over the house and is finding the littlest things to put into his mouth.

So as I tend to the sick, I then find a baby behind a door gagging on a styrofoam packing peanut. Great.

I recently read this hilarious article about all of the things toddlers whine about. Well when they are sick you can multiply that list by 10.

Here is an example:

During breakfast on Wednesday, Kolbe was sitting in his beloved high chair, watching cartoons, waiting for pancakes. He is normally a very sweet little boy, but because he was sick and I am sure it hurt for him to talk, he was extremely whiny and it was very difficult to understand him...

"I'm hungry!!
I want pancakes
not that plate!
I want water
I cant hear the t.v.
but the pancakes are not hot!
come sit with me
not there- sit here
Emma, dont look at me
no, not Joshua
I have "Burgers"
but the pancakes are not hot
I want to get down.
hold me!!!"

(This was all said within a 10 minute time span. And yes, I warmed up the pancakes three times and he never touched them once. Poor little guy.)

He then spent the rest of the day in our bed, watching the same episode of Team Umizoomi over and over again. Thank you, On Demand. We did have a panic moment when our power flickred and was out for two minutes. Team Umizoomi was gone and we had a minor break down. It was a long two minutes.

Emma was feeling better and she tried to help me with Joshua...I will give her an A for effort. I did find Joshua in Emma's room playing with her dollhouse. He had this look on his face that said he knew he found something good. Only 7 months old and he is getting into is sister's things- pretty impressive.

I know Kolbe feels awful and it really is a sad sight, but looking back on the past few days, the whining and demands are quite comical. I am grateful for the grace to remember to keep praying for patience as I tried to serve my sick little ones. We had a long night Wednesday night- Dan took on the middle of the night cries and then at 5 am it was my turn when Kolbe woke up crying for me. I jumped out of bed and my legs were numb and I literally stumbled trying to make it to him and then carried him to the living room. Joshua heard the commotion and decided to get up. And in case you were wondering my legs eventually woke up too.

After a week off, Emma finally got to go back to school yesterday, which she was thrilled about. Thankfully Kolbe was finally feeling better and after warming up his pancakes only twice today, he ate them! My mom came over to hlep watch the kids so I could go to the grocery store and take Kolbe back to the doctor one more time for a check up.

Now it is Friday morning, everybody seems to be feeling well after a pretty good night's sleep. I am still clinging to my Lysol disinfectant spray, hoping that we can all stay healthy for a little while.
So now that I have been trying to publish this post for three days now, it is time to post it!

Oh and here is one last pic demonstrating what you should probably not do at the dinner table, but it sure was funny and Joshua was extremely hopeful...

Have a great weekend, y'all!


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