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Announcing Dan Johnson for VP

We are quite excited about this new direction in our life. Just when we thought we were settled and content...

Ok, not really. But I think I am funny. And so does every other person who tells Dan that they saw him on tv last night.

My husband might not be running for office, but I still think he is one fine catch.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been struggling some with postpartum blues. One of the most depressing things about being postpartum is walking into your closet and thinking, "I am no longer pregnant and this is my third baby, so surely I will be able to find something to wear." But no. I thought I had clothes to wear pre-baby, during baby, and after baby. And I do have some, but for some reason I couldn't find a pair of jeans that fit. Depressing. And what is even more depressing, is that I might lose this weight soon, but I am not ready to give up my chocolate cravings throughout the day, and it is nearly impossible to go jeans shopping with three kids in tow.

Stay with me, there is a point to this whining.

Back to my husband.

He loves me very much and he is very good about complimenting me. But all of the compliments in the world still couldn't fix the fact that I didn't have any jeans to wear. So on Saturday he went to run a few errands and what did he come home with? A bouquet of roses and a Target bag with 3 pairs of jeans. From all of my ranting he picked up on the size that I needed and bought three different styles for me to try on in my own home. What an angel. Hooray for new jeans! Go DJ, That's my DJ!

Now maybe if I could keep this whining thing up, maybe I will never have to do my own clothes shopping again... ;)

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