Roller coasters

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Today has been a trying day complete with tantrums, time-outs, and yelling all while trying to prepare for the hurricane. Not good. So now that things have quieted down for a moment I thought I would share a story to remind myself of how precious my children are.

Last Friday, Emma woke up with a low-grade fever and a cough. Emma tends to get these low grade fevers often. We assumed it was her body's way of dealing with exhaustion, because she tends to get them after big events, like the first week of school.

Anyway, we kept her home from school. Dan had a meeting at a coffee shop that morning and while he was there he mentioned Emma's fevers. Then a man walked over and said, "I am sorry to interrupt but I overheard you talking about your daughter. I am a hematologist and I think you should take her to a mayo clinic for tests." then he walked away.


Dan came home, told me the story and I of course burst into tears. Dan took her in to our doctor and I went to Sheena's house with the boys, looking for a distraction. Luckily the boys are still young enough to not notice their mother crying and praying the whole drive over. I knew there could be so many outcomes to this but of course my mind was focusing on the worst case scenario. I am a mother, worrying is part of my job description.

Meanwhile, at the doctor's office, dan had to literally hold Emma down in order for the nurses to get the blood work done. Torture for Emma and Dan. :(

A few hours later we met back home and just had to wait for them to call with test results. Finally around 5 we found out that her white blood cell count was normal- praise the Lord. The other test that was done basically tested to see if her body is trying to fight something. Normal results range from 1 to 10. Emma's result was 10.3. Just on the edge, so we have been asked to monitor her temperature for two weeks then go back to the doctor.

Life is such crazy roller coaster.

We are thankful that as far as we know she is a healthy happy little girl.

Thank you, Jesus.

Now time to get back to work! A hurricane's a comin! (and yes I am trying to forget about how worried I am about this storm)

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