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Kolbe is two and a half. He definitely has the terrible two tantrum down. Thankfully that does not occur on a daily basis- maybe just every other day. He is usually a very happy and sensitive guy. He loves Lightning McQueen and everything to do with the movie Cars. But his current favorite toy is a small figurine of Peter Pan. Kolbe is Peter Pan, at least that is what he says. He loves the movie, he loves to have the book read to him over and over again, and he loves to grab a sword and attack Captain Hook (who is usually me, unless daddy is home). I love his little imagination. He loves it in I turn on the song "you can fly" and then he starts running around the house with his little figurine and pretends to fly. So sweet.

The other day we were leaving our church after Mass and he looked over at the suspended crucifix behind the altar and said to Dan, "Look, Jesus flying like Peter Pan!" Don't really know how to respond to that one. haha

We went to disney world with my family about a month ago and we searched and found Peter. Kolbe was so excited to see him, but would not look at him. I guess he was overwhelmed by the reality of his favorite character being there, trying to talk to him, that he just didn't know what to do! (as you can see in the picture above, Emma was shy too, I think because she is shy around boys, and I would like to keep it that way.)

Speaking of little Peter Pan, I have to go, I hear him calling my name.
Time to fly to Neverland!

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