My baby's all grown up...

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And going to pre-school!

Emma went to her first day of 4K yesterday. She LOVED it! Dan got to take her to school and make sure she was happy and settled in her new classroom and I got to pick her up with the crying, tired boys at 11:45. I do treasure the huge hug that she gave me and the proud look on her face. She got buckled in the car and started to tell me all about the game she played on the playground where she was the queen(not surprised) and then there was the king, princess, and monster. Fun times. She was proud of her faded blue hands that were painted for craft time. I asked her what they talked about during circle time and she said, "We talked about all sorts of things, like about Jesus." Very good.

After meeting daddy for lunch and ice cream, all three children fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for over an hour. I'd say the first day was a success!

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