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Emma has a wonderful imagination. She is really good about entertaining herself and going off to her room to play with her toys. Sometimes, however, she likes to go and play in mommy and daddy's room.

Today I walked to my room and found this on the door:

Odd. Walked in room and saw her dolls tucked in:

Then went into the bathroom and found three more unfortunate animals:

Then I went and found Emma and asked why her animals were hanging from all of the doors in my room.
She replied:
"well I had to put my babies down for a nap and my animals were trouble and I needed to put them in time out."
I promise she did not learn this technique from us.

Then she went on:
"I had to put two puppies downstairs in daddy's office because they were in a lot of trouble."

I have to reiterate, she did not learn this from us. And I have to be honest and say that I am a little disturbed by her time out techniques...I don't think we will get a dog any time soon.

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