Fish tales

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Yesterday was a crazy day and all day there were moments where I thought "I am going to blog about this later." Well this morning I am not going to blog about any of those moments. Today I am going to write about fish and ignore the piles of laundry that I have waiting for me upstairs.

Fish, you say? yes, pet fish. About 4 months ago we were out for lunch as a family and after lunch, Dan noticed a pet store next door and decided it would be fun to take the kids in. Bad idea. What did we walk out with? Two fish and two small tanks to keep them in. Dan thought it would be a good way to teach Emma some responsibility, which was a good idea- in theory. So home we went with Aurora and Mack. (Aurora was actually a male fish, but we didnt have the heart to tell Emma). Dan got the tanks set up and the new fish now had nice homes and Daddy was the hero for the day. The kids loved feeding the fish every day for about a week- but then I took over the job because fish food kept being spilled and I was tired of cleaning that up.

A few weeks went by and I noticed that Aurora was swimming slower, I might have forgotten to feed her... I tried to do what I could to make her better, i.e. feed her and clean her tank (gross). But She was sick and one day I noticed that she was dead. I didnt know what to do, so I waited for dan to get home. This was his idea in the first place.

So Dan got home and we sat down for dinner and suddenly Emma gets up and runs to her room. She said she needed to get something, and thats when we heard, "Mommy, Daddy, what is wrong with Aurora?" Dan got up and went to see her and a minute later Emma walked out and said, "Aurora is DEAD." Oh dear. Well then we had to talk about life and death and we tried to avoid the whole all fish go to heaven thing. She said she wanted to bury the fish, so Dan took Aurora out of the tank and put her in a shoe box and the two of them went outside and buried the fish in the back yard. True story.

So now we just have Mack. And what inspired this post is that I walk by his gross tank every day and contemplate quietly disposing of him. I know- probably so wrong of me. But the kids don't care anymore about having a pet fish and I feel bad for him. Poor Mack.

Fish are friends, not food.

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