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I recently started to follow Grace at Camp Patton and yesterday she had a post listing "5 things" about her life, which I discovered was part of a blog post chain of sorts.  I thought it sounded like fun and then this morning I saw that Ana had written her 5 things and tagged me! Needless to say, I was excited to participate.

Drumroll please...

1. I was a "doughnut girl" growing up. My grandpa, dad, uncles, and a few cousins all worked for Krispy Kreme (some still do). I loved that my dad would come home from a long day of work smelling like doughnuts and coffee. It was a known fact that every birthday my mom would bring a doughnut cake to school. The two most common questions we got were, "Do you ever get tired of eating doughnuts?" and "How come your family is so thin?" Despite popular belief, we did not have a running conveyer belt in our home constantly supplying us with heavenly glazed doughnuts...how fun would that have been?!

2. I love to paint. I am no professional by any means, but if you hand this girl a blank canvas, a brush, and some peace and quiet,  I am one happy camper.

3. My high school had an excellent theater program. The musicals were incredible (considering it was a high school production).  I cannot sing for the life of me, in fact when I would audition I would tell them up front that I just want to be in the chorus and then I would sing "Happy Birthday." Impressive, I know. I just loved being in the dance numbers and being a part of the fun.

4.  My mom and grandmom instilled in me a love for Little Women, Hello Dolly, Thoroughly Modern Mille, and Anne of Green Gables.  Did anyone else watch the Avonlea series on the Disney Channel? Two of my dreams growing up were to one day visit Prince Edward Island and to marry Gilbert Blythe. I have yet to go to Prince Edward Island, but I think I did very well with the second dream- and he never had to pull my hair to get my attention:
photo from here

5.  My family used to have random dance parties after dinner (in case you were curious, we have already started to continue the tradition in this Johnson Party).  I have many memories of my dad chasing us around the house doing the Rock Lobster.   My siblings and I would run and scream and giggle, trying to hide from him. I don't think that scarred me for life. I seem pretty normal, right?!  Speaking of being scarred for life, I just went and watched the music video of this song for the first time and now I might have nightmares...And everybody had matching towels...

Sheena, Jess, and Jenn: TAG, You're it!


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