Little Words (Volume 2)

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Habemus Papam! Pope Francis! What a wonderful gift for our Church and our world! I was watching the news footage with my boys waiting four our new pope to walk out and Kolbe was fascinated by the Swiss Guards and the band. He said, "Are those pirates??" And he thought that St. Peter's was the most beautiful castle ever...

Emma was dressed in a tutu and showing off her ballet twirls, Kolbe walked over and grabbed her hand saying,
"I a prince and we are getting married."

Kolbe Francis...Future priest...future heartbreaker (a mom can dream pray, right?)

While patiently waiting for his waffle to be done:

While dozing on the couch:
Emma: Mommy!! You can't sleep while we are still awake!!
Lauren: I am just resting my eyes...
Emma: Oh, well I am resting my tongue.

this girl loves her daddy

Emma said to Dan when he was giving her a hug after work:  "You are yummy."

While driving out of our driveway, Kolbe cries out that I didn't buckle him.
Lauren: Kolbe, I am losing my mind! Where did it go?
Kolbe (with a very serious look): Where keys are??

Emma: Everybody thinks I am bad...I am bad at school...bad at when I broke an ornament
            at Christmas...can I have a brownie?

After helping me pour noodles in the pot,
Kolbe: Mommy, you are a good maker.
Lauren: Thank you, so are are you!
Kolbe: No, I am not...I am not cool...

A conversation I overheard while they were playing on the slide:
Emma: Kolbe, did you Know that long time ago God made the earth and there were no animals.
Kolbe: No animals?
Emma: Yes. And then after he made animals, he made a man. And do you know what a man is?
Kolbe: MAN!
Emma: He is a kind of person. And they didn't have a lot of choices for clothes back then. And then God made mommy and daddy and then he made us!


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