Five Favorites


This morning I went to write a blog post (because I want to make sure you stay up to date with our little life) and I saw two of my buds, Jess and Ana, had linked up with Hallie at Moxie wife. I thought, how fun, I should too! So here we go.

1. Spring

(photo taken by my sis)
I love living in Alabama! The end.

2. Emma's red boots

I love her style. I love her.

3.  Chicken Fajitas

This has always been one of my favorite meals. ever. Last night Dan had to work late (and by late I mean 7) and so I fed the kids earlier, got them bathed and ready for bed, so when Dan got home we had a little chicken fajita date while the kids watched one episode of Team Umizoomi before bed.  The conversation was great and the fajitas were delish.

I recently ordered a year's subscription for this mag. My first issue came in the mail a week ago and I think I have looked through it a dozen times. It was so fun to get a little "gift to me" in the mailbox!  I love the ideas, now if I could just get motivated to apply the tips in my own home...

5. Family Time

This weekend we went to Mass at a small parish in Mt. Vernon, AL.  Dan was asked to give a talk on "family life" after Mass was over. The sweet priest asked us to sit in the very front row. It was obvious that everyone knew each other and that we were visitors. So sat in the front we did, and after the final blessing Dan was asked to give his talk. Emma and Kolbe thought it was so cool that Daddy was now up there talking about them, so they proceeded to run from the pew and run circles around him.  I had no idea what to do because I was also holding Joshua and as much as I wanted to grab them and drag them out of the church, my husband was up there talking about the joys and blessings of children...I finally, with the help of my angry eyes,  got them to sit next to Dan where they then began licking each other's arms. Model family. And deep down, proud of it! ;)

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