A little tongue-tied


Last week we found out that Joshua had ankylogossia, or was tongue-tied. We had noticed that he wasn't eating solid foods well, he would gag and lose interest quickly. We also saw that he had a white sore or scab under his tongue from rubbing against his cute little teeth.  This morning he had an outpatient surgery to correct it. And let me tell you, he was a champ!

I nursed him at 2 am and then had to hold him off until after the surgery. Here is bright-eyed at 5 am. I was trying to keep him happy, despite the fact I was denying him his breakfast. '

Good morning Mommy! Now feed me!

Dan and I left the house at 6:15 to get him checked in by 6:30.

Getting his prayers in..

Where is Joshua?

Oh hi there!

Still waiting...

 While we were talking to all of the doctors and nurses, he fell asleep. It was awesome, they took him back to surgery asleep and gave him the anesthesia breathing mask, still asleep. This made it much easier for him, but was still a tad bit hard for us. Even though it was a five minute procedure it was still a hard "letting go" moment.

I think Joshua thinks he just took a nap in my arms and woke up looking at me. He woke up happy, he ate, and then he started to talk and he made the cutest little faces. He could feel his tongue moving around more and he liked it!

All better! Happy baby! Happy mommy and daddy! So thankful for all of the prayers and for the wonderful doctors and nurses that took care of our little guy. 


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