Five Favorites


Joining up with Hallie again and sharing another 5:

1.  This mirror made my bud over at Bean in Love. So beautiful!

2.  The Triple Chocolate Meltdown...from Applebee's....not only is it delicious, but it holds sentimental value, as it is the first dessert my hubby and I ever shared together... :)

3. Speaking of my hubby, this picture is another fave:

4.  Basically all of the clothes from Boden...especially their skirts...a girl can dream...

5. Our new dining room chairs...we found them on craigslist...and they were brand new from West Elm!  We found all 4 on sale for $150. Love them!

Ok that wraps up my morning fun, now it's time to get Emma to school...I have no idea why she is always late...hmmmm....


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