I don't mean to brag, but...

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"Lucky me, lucky me" 

That is what Emma and Kolbe were singing yesterday, while holding their brownie-to-go, as we were leaving my parents house. It's the little things that make kids so happy and really that's how it is for all of us.

Dan had to work all weekend at a retreat and he also had to go back into the office this morning. Bummer. So today, while he was gone, I went into cleaning mode and because of Joshua's nap schedule never made it to the grocery store...which definitely needed to happen. After the babe woke up from his nap, I only had 40 minutes before it as time to get Emma, and that was just not enough time considering the list I had made...a super downer because that meant I would have to go to the store with all three in tow this afternoon- which is doable, but definitely a lot...more interesting....

As I was rounding up the boys to get their big sis, Dan called to say he was on his way home and could pick up lunch. Perfect.

He also brought home a new door handle, which we wanted to get to put on our freshly painted door. Even more perfect. And then after lunch he proceeded to go ahead and put on the new handle! So exciting. 

And now guess what? He volunteered to go to the grocery store for me. With Emma and Kolbe. SO after working all weekend, serving so many people, he is exhausted and then comes home to a family who missed him and now desires his attention...which he gladly gives. 
Best husband ever? I think so. 

But shhhh, don't tell anyone...

Lucky me, lucky me!

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