Come and Knock on our Door...


We've been waiting for you...three's company it sad that when I think of that theme song that I think of a Full House episode instead? Anyway...

Earlier today, I mentioned our freshly painted door and because I loved the way it turned out I am going to share it with you!

I couldn't (quickly) find a picture of the house with the old door color on it, but as you can see below it was hunter green. Pieces of paint were chipping off and last week (Dan's one free weekend he has had in awhile) we thought it would be a GREAT idea to refinish the door... At first we wanted to sand down the door all the way to the natural wood and then stain it.  Then we realized that the 100 or so coats of paint already on it would keep us from doing Plan A.  So then we moved on to Plan B.

I present the "Weathered" look. Or the ugliest door on the block. Take your pick.

Then I did my part by going and selecting the paint. I have to say that it was Dan's idea to look at yellows, but I picked the shade. I painted the door with primer one day last week and was totally regretting that decision after I spilled half of the can on the hardwood floor and then many other little things that I will spare you the details of...

Then the following day when Dan got home from work, we painted the door this awesome shade of yellow- Bee's wax from the HGTV collection at Sherwin-Williams.

 And the pic below shows off our new door hardware.

And because I do not often take the time to show off my projects, here is the wreath I made tonight- all with supplies I had at home already. I took a wreath frame from a wreath I made last year, that had faded and was falling apart, and then I cut strips of leftover fabric and wrapped them around the frame and attached them with a hot glue gun. Then glued on the flowers that I stole from a dusty flower arrangement in our living room and voila!!


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