If you're Happy and you know it...


Shout Hooray!

I know I will definitely be shouting hooray once Dan's schedule slows down. I think it will slow down. I hope so... I know he hopes so too. This year has been hard adjusting to three kids and his new job. But we are making it through, slowly but surely.

Today we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, which was such a gift to help the day pass quickly while Dan is away. We had lunch and shopped with Sheena and the twins and then played outside until dinner. Emma and Kolbe even got a new pet.

His name is Flix.

Flix is a worm.

He is apparently very cute. They protected him from the bird that was flying over them. It was really quite sweet...and then they buried him back in the ground and put a stone on top of where they buried him with the hopes of finding him again tomorrow... whoops.

During bath time I had the brilliant idea of turning on Pandora and we jammed out to the disney station. So. much. fun. We were all singing and dancing and we couldn't wait to see what would come on next.
The party continued to the kitchen where we made cookies and whistled while we worked.  So of course I had to try and post some of the fun....

I know I catch myself complaining sometimes, and a lot of the time it is very hard, but all in all I really just love being a mom!


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